Mark Williams, Shakespeare in a Chair

When Mark Williams realized that the youth in his neighborhood averaged two to three hours a week in their local barbershop, he recognized the important role of mentor which barbers and beauticians provide in the community.

A long-time fan of Shakespeare and an advocate for literacy, Mark saw an opportunity to promote the study of classic literature through his program, Shakespeare in a Chair. Working with a Literature professor from a local college, he hopes to create a youth literacy program utilizing the unique learning venue of a local community barbershop in order to teach Shakespeare’s works.

Embracing the casual, multigenerational ambience of the local barbershop, he hopes that exposure to classic literature will be a positive influence in the lives of a younger generation. “Shakespeare has been around for 450 years and many youth have never been exposed to his writings. The program will highlight the influence his words have on today’s culture and vocabulary.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 12th, 2014