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Mark Lee, Ticket 2 Success, Inc.

Mark A. Lee saw kids being left behind before they could even complete middle school. A growing void was created by an absence of in-school mentors willing to give the emotional and academic support all students need to achieve at the highest levels. Mark co-founded Ticket 2 Success, Inc., to promote the life-long benefits of leadership and education to students in Illinois and Missouri schools.

“I started Ticket 2 Success in partnership with my son’s Jr. High School Principal. He recognized that African-American students did not have teachers, role models or authority figures that looked like them in his building,” he said. “In general, a result of this culture gap was lower standardized test scores and longer periods of full academic, programmatic and social integration.” Now, all students that participate in Ticket 2 Success experience monthly interaction with supportive role models willing to share successful career, financial, networking and goal-setting examples.

Ticket 2 Success teams with forward-thinking schools, individuals, corporations and non-profit entities in order to provide inclusive, long-term leadership development and growth opportunities; these resources include custom Speaker Series programs, workshops, field trips, special events and community service opportunities. Ticket 2 Success also gives students personal library and technology tools that encourage them to never stop learning and assisting others.

In addition to educational pursuits, Ticket 2 Success’ Literacy, Leadership and Empowerment core values work to replace oppressive stereotypes with a non-judgmental atmosphere that welcomes young people from diverse backgrounds. The mission is to shape future leaders prepared to achieve in competitive economies, while truly understanding their responsibility to give back to global communities. For example, the students pictured are working with a local church to ship donated blankets, children’s clothes and comfort items to families living all over the world.

For more information on Ticket 2 Success, visit their website.

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