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Somos Semilla: A Mobile Seed Library

Somos Semilla: A Mobile Seed Library is a community initiative that began with the objective of conserving seeds in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Inspired by the revolutionary movement worldwide, the SOMOS SEMILLA movement plans to establish the first seed library in the country. They will create a Community Seed Library, that will be mobile and can be taken to isolated rural communities. The team strongly believes that being the owner of your own seeds means liberty and Independence and is a way to maintain cultural identities.

The project holds the capacity to weave threads of resilience through the community. Since initiation in February 2015, Somos Semilla has offered free trainings and workshops on seed saving. Their work operates on the foundation that food sovereignty and security are deeply rooted to a community. The mobile libraries will preserve a variety of seeds that can be adapted and utilized as a safety net for crops.

“We have the responsibility to be the caretakers of the (seed) varieties that thrive in our more extreme conditions. By saving seeds from plants acclimated to our region, we are safeguarding from an uncertain future with climate change. We are literally ‘breeding resilience’.”

To learn more about Somos Semilla, check out their Facebook or website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: December 8, 2015

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