Davidson gluing some open seam on a cello, Grand-Goâve, Haiti 2016

Luthiers Sans Frontieres UK – Lutherie in Haiti

Lutherie in Haiti is a project started by Robert Cain from the charity Luthiers Sans Frontieres (LSF) UK. Led by two volunteers Svavar Garri Kristjánsson and Julie Folio, they teach a dozen of people in Haiti how to maintain, repair, and set up instruments from the violin family. Classical music in Haiti, thanks to local music schools and generous donors of the instruments, is growing in the country. What has been identified is that as soon as an instrument has a problem, such as the need for repair, the music stops. The local schools can not afford to throw away any instruments as they are expensive, hence why this project teaches these repairs.

Furthermore, it creates employment opportunities for the people we teach, all of them certain and eligible to work in one of the music schools. In order for LSF UK to do the work, they need the equipment from a regular workshop and need it for each of our student, which can get relatively expensive. A grant from The Pollination Project will help in buying the high-quality tools needed.