Lorelei Plotczyk, Unsung Vegan Hero 2016

Tribute by Amy Duncan, the Native Path

I first met Lorelei when she got stuck in a corner with me five years ago at a company we worked for. The only knowledge I had about her was that she was an amazing writer, a successful musician, and that I wanted to borrow all of her clothes. Little did I know she would soon become one of my closest friends, and one of the most inspirational people I know.

She became vegan not long after we met. Following her lifestyle change, she started the grassroots organization Truth or Drought, which promotes a vegan way of life by helping people make the connection between what they’re eating, and detrimental environmental issues—in particular, water usage and the extreme drought we now face. Truth or Drought now has over 12,000 followers and continues to grow. Lorelei works tenaciously on developing and spreading this information outside of her full time job, with little personal gain. She has spoken about these issues at numerous events and conferences, including the 2015 World Vegan Summit, and the 2016 New England VegFest.

Lorelei is also the Founder of Brain on Hugs, an online community that shares the ethical message behind veganism in an approachable, humorous way. She uses sensitivity and logic to show that animal use is unjust and unnecessary, as many alternatives exist. As if that weren’t enough, she is Co-Founder, with her husband Craig, of a blog on vegan living called Eat Plants/Drink Beer, is a contributor for VeganPublishers, is Co-Founder of San Diego 350’s Plant Based Diet Team, and is an Admin for the Facebook page Circles of Compassion.

Through her work and passion, she has inspired many people to go vegan (myself included). Her ambitions are not small—she’ll stop at nothing to change the world. She’s truly dedicated to the cause, and her compassion for animals, people, and our planet is unwavering. Lorelei is an inspiration to folks both outside and inside the vegan community, which is precisely why Mychael McNeeley and Berenice Weber nominated her for this award. We can’t think of anyone more deserving, and our community is fortunate to have such a strong voice and animal rights activist. Anyone who knows her personally will tell you what a motivating and quality person she is. Congratulations, Lorelei!