Lisa Shapiro

Lisa Shapiro

By Ingrid Newkirk, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Lisa has volunteered with PETA for the past 15 years and we’ve had the chance to witness her extraordinary activism for animals firsthand. Lisa uses everything including her kitchen sink (quite literally!) to promote a vegan lifestyle, including her famous potlucks, cooking demonstrations, baked goods giveaways, film screenings, protests, and organizing animal sanctuary volunteer days.

Much of Lisa’s volunteer time is spent organizing the Boulder (And Beyond!) Vegan Meetup which she started over 7 years ago. They host monthly potlucks that routinely attract 50-75 attendees, and over 100 guests when she’s brought in a speaker from PETA, Vegan Outreach, or World Peace Diet.  Lisa is a wiz when it comes to cooking and health issues and routinely advises new vegans through her “Ask a Vegan” get together. She always keeps the animals foremost in her thoughts and often reminds her dinner guests that “Never has it been easier, more delicious or more urgent to adopt a compassionate and vegan lifestyle.”

I have personally heard dozens of people say that Lisa is the reason they have gone vegan. She is now in the process of organizing a Vegan Lifestyle Expo for the Rocky Mountain region and, due to her numerous and far-reaching vegan business contacts via her company All Things Vegan, I know it is sure to be a huge success.

I’m so pleased that the Pollination Project chose Lisa for this award. Lisa deserves to be recognized by everyone — not just those who work with her — for dedicating her life to helping animals, whether they are used for food, clothing, entertainment, or experiments and for helping numerous people choose compassion and veganism.