Leah O’Bryant and Samantha Robison, the aptArt Bethlehem Painting Project

Leah O’Bryant and Samantha Robison work with Awareness and Prevention Through Art (aptART), an organization that promotes the use of street art as a creative outlet for marginalized youth and raises awareness of the issues that affect their lives.

Over the past 3 years, aptART has organized educational therapeutic workshops and art projects for youth living in areas plagued by warfare in order to enhance their self-esteem while integrating them into a larger community.

Drawing from the organization’s previous initiatives, Leah and Samantha’s project, the aptArt Bethlehem Painting Project, will bring 50 Palestinian youth living at the SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem together with local art therapists from the Kaynouna Arab Art Therapy Center. Therapists will run sessions focused on issues such as hope, community building, the importance of education, and non-violent communication.

Through the program participants will design and paint a large collaborative mural at the newly constructed SOS Children’s Village skate park in Bethlehem. The park will provide youth with a safe area in which they can play freely.

For more information, please visit aptART’s website, facebook, or Instagram page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 14, 2015