Krista Imbesi, Our Feet Are Rooted: A Documentary Film

Krista Imbesi has partnered with Pollination Project grantee, Solidarity Uganda, and the residents of Amuru, Uganda to produce a documentary film showcasing that community’s peaceful fight to protect its land from corporate oil and sugarcane interests, which often have the residents’ own government as an ally.

“Ugandans know that land is a contentious issue all around the country, though popular models for dealing with land disputes have largely failed the most marginalized demographics (women, children, rural poor, the disabled, and the unemployed),” Krista said. “This film will help us spread the message of nonviolence, detailing how one community has achieved success by defending their land through dialogue and nonviolent methods (such as strategic noncooperation). It will help inspire similar movements and strategic planning for social and environmental justice throughout the nation.”

The film, Our Feet Are Rooted, will be created in collaboration with the area’s residents and shown in Uganda and internationally.

Funds from the Pollination Project will be used to purchase cameras and a hard drive to store footage.

For more information on Our Feet Are Rooted, Solidarity Uganda, and Krista and Christian Imbesi, filmmakers at C & K Cinematography, visit Krista’s website and C & K’s Facebook, as well as Solidarity Uganda’s Facebook. You can also visit the film’s IndieGoGo page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 19, 2014