Krista Imbesi, Our Feet Are Rooted: A Documentary Film

Krista Imbesi is a filmmaker who is working on Our Feet are Rooted, a documentary film showcasing the peaceful fight that the residents of the Amuru District of Northern Uganda have undertaken to resist corporate oil and sugarcane interests that are threatening their land and their livelihoods.

Our Feet Are Rooted spreads awareness on the issue of unfounded police and government arrests, harassment, and violence, perpetrated in hopes of running the people off their land.

“It is important to not only spread awareness in order to add support for the community, but to also show an instance where non-violence is the tactic for the community to deal with it,” said Krista.Krista Imbesi, Our Feet Are Rooted, A Documentary Film2

Krista’s compassionate work hopes to show how the community is attempting to respond to these threats by using non-violent techniques.  Krista is partnered with another grantee, Solidarity Uganda, who is building community and anchoring non-violence training in the region and who won an impact grant in 2013.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  2014 Impact Grant Award