Mustard and Tomato: shows some of the vegetables being grown by women on backyards in Mzuzu

Kondwani Khonje – Improved Organic Fertilizer for Vegetables Production

Improved Organic Fertilizer for Vegetable Production is working with 10 women village savings and loan groups whom are willing to invest in vegetable and improved organic fertilizer for income generation. Kondwani Khonje and his team expect to work with 50 – 100 women in the initial phase. The project will be implemented in areas surrounding Mzuzu City, including Dunduzu and Choma, in Malawi. The project will build the capacity of women in organic vegetable production using organic fertilizer made from maize bran/crop waste, ashes, and soil fertility improving plants, such as Gliricidia sepium, pigeon peas, and tephrosia vogelii. The women will also be trained in business management, marketing, and financial literacy by expert volunteers.

The project will enhance the capacities of women to generate their own income for economic empowerment, thus contributing to poverty reduction. Women and men experience poverty differently and as a result, have differing levels of vulnerability. Women are more commonly involved in low-paid, casual agricultural wage labor, and under-represented in non-agricultural wage labor and self-employment. The project has been initiated to break the disparities through economic empowerment of women through provision of skills and knowledge to utilize locally available materials to create wealth. Kondwani’s role will be to train them and link them to collective markets for both improved organic fertilizer and vegetable products,

The grant from The Pollination Project will be used to acquire high value vegetable seeds, soil fertility improvement plants, seeds, and seedlings, organic fertilizer, and capacity building tools, establishing demonstration gardens as learning centers for women. The groups will also receive small seed money to initiate the savings and loan scheme to invest in vegetable businesses. Lastly, training sessions in business management, marketing, and financial management will be facilitated with the support of volunteers.