Kirsty Henderson and her team - Assiettes Végétales

Kirsty, Cyril, and Tristan – Assiettes Végétales – Plant-Based University Meals in France

The mission of Assiettes Végétales is to introduce and develop plant-based meals in public canteens throughout France by working with the public and key decision makers. The transition towards a plant-based diet is beneficial for animals, the fight against climate change, public health, and student inclusion.

Kirsty Henderson and her team will use this powerful lever to ensure millions more plant-based meals are served throughout France every year. By 2023, they wish for every university canteen to offer a vegan meal option, every day of the year. Precedent and research tells us that around 13 % of students would select this meal option if it was available, with this number likely to rise in coming years.

This would result in around 9 million more plant-based meals being served every year in France, helping the planet, our health, and millions of animals.