Kingston Msukwa

Kingston Msukwa – Community Empowerment – Life Rescuing (LIRE) Project

Malawi is ranked as the third poorest country on earth. Most of it’s citizens cannot even afford to earn even 1 dollar per week and as a result of this, HIV and AIDS has taken advantage of poverty to make poor people more desperate. Sleeping on empty bellies for a number of days and lacking nutritious food has resulted in more early deaths than it should be. Rumphi district is one of such places where this has been on the rampant and yet the place is full of locally found resources that can turn things upside down. And this is the case elsewhere else in Malawi.

There are good fertile soils in most parts of the country and plenty of rivers which flow all seasons without drying. In addition to this, the people are by nature already farmers who simply needs to be taught new farming methods and how to better manage the already available resources at their disposal. It is from this background that Life Rescuing Project (LIREP) comes in to rescue lives of poor dying people. What LIREP will be doing is simple.

Using a grant from The Pollination Project, Farmers Clubs will be established in key places of Rumphi District starting with the village of Principal Chief Chigwere Kumwenda. LIREP will in this area buy land and establish a farmers training farm, where volunteers will be farming with new farming methods obtained from various agriculture experts and the skills earned to train local people in various communities. The local people shall through LIREP be trained on how to use the already locally available resources, like land and water, to improve their living standards financially as well as their eating style. We believe this will then reduce untimely deaths and the number of orphans and widows we normally see. What LIREP will be doing will eventually foster long missing development in the entire district and nation at large.