, Edible Hood and a family of the community supported by the project

Katy Chandler, Edible Hood

Katy Chandler and her organization Edible Hood has shared seeds and knowledge with the people of Reno, Nevada since 2011, with a mission of fostering food independence. Now they want to take the next step — establishing a neighborhood-scale food forest in their underserved community.

“We’ll begin by helping neighbors plant and care for regionally appropriate fruit and nut-tree guilds at their homes, starting a chain of connection, as each participant will find and support another neighbor in planting a guild the following spring. As the trees root and bear fruit in the years to come, so shall our community,” Katy said.

Edible Hood is rooted in a larger effort from Katy and her group called the Be the Change Project. The project has an urban homestead and educational space, and has started learning gardens as well as offered workshops on non-violence and natural building concepts.

“Growing food is part of our ‘constructive program’ — one of the ways we withdraw support from violent and oppressive systems while nurturing systems that are beautiful, just, sustainable, and life affirming,” Katy said.

Funds from the Pollination Project will help purchase the first 20-30 trees for the neighborhood, as well as starts, compost and soil imporvements.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  November 13, 2014