Karen Eckert - The Poeta Project

Karen Eckert – The Poeta Project

Buffalo, NY educator and poet, Karen Eckert, started The Poeta Project in response to a need she saw in high schools: students holding back creatively and giving up too easily. Combining poetry, art, and education, this project pairs Karen’s poetry with local artists, using each other’s medium to craft work from a different inspiration, practicing the struggle and risk taking of learning something new, and persevering when faced with a challenge. The resulting poetry and artwork pairings will be shown together in a group exhibition in October, 2019. This group show, along with artist interviews and video documentation, will be used to create unit plans for high school educators.

Through the generosity of the Pollination Project grant, students will be able to participate in this project, mimicking the idea of finding varied ways to become inspired, focusing on perseverance when faced with a challenge, and giving students voice and confidence to allow themselves to be creative.