K. Jean de Dieu Some and Kointor Hien – Tricycle Motor for Community Bridges Project in Hiela, BF

Tricycle Motor for Community Bridges Project in Hiela is a rural community support project initiated by K. Jean de Dieu Some and Kointor Hien in support of the efforts of the village of Hiela in Sissili Province, Burkina Faso. Hiela is surrounded by rivers and has no access to health centers and local markets during the rainy seasons. Inhabitants of Hiela cannot participate in neighboring villages social events during the rainy seasons because of water and muds. They strived to create a passage through the biggest river separating them from the nearest health center. Men and women have transported natural stones via bicycles, bare hands, and bare heads to create a path for pedestrians and motorcyclists. This project provides them with a Tricycle Motor that facilitates the transportations of stones to that main river and other rivers to create safe and lasting crossing areas for all inhabitants and visitors of Hiela. The commitment of the inhabitants of Hiela come after the death of two community members and their willingness to go above to create opportunities for their children. Funds from The Pollination Project will significantly bridge the financial gap for the implementation of this motorcycle project and help inspire other villages imitate and do more.