Juliana Castañeda Turner

Juliana Castaneda Turner, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Grantee Name: Juliana Castaneda Turner
Project Name: Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary
Grant Location: Bogota, Columbia

Funding Partner:  Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors

Project Description: Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary was the first animal sanctuary for farmed animals established in South America and is still the only one in Colombia today. We have inspired many visitors to choose veganism by showing them how to cook inexpensive,delicious vegan meals. We will use the grant to grow our educational project, attracting more people to veganism with delicious recipes in our free cooking workshops and creating bonds of union with the animals of the sanctuary,because at the end,no one kills and eats whom they love, and when someone comes to the sanctuary immediately they love all the animals.