Juan Logan, The Waiting Project

Juan Logan, an African-American male with three sons has made artwork of various media that are socially based and examine race and power, both economically and socially for the last three decades. He is initiating the Waiting Project, because as a citizen, he feels empowered to foster and engage in dialogues that affect his communities.

When Juan’s son was a young boy, he asked if they could stop by the studio one night. He told him they couldn’t because he was not sure what the police would do if they saw them going into the building at night. At the time, Juan was the only black business owner in an all-white business district in Charlotte, North Carolina. Recently, Juan’s wife asked him how do they keep their two youngest sons safe, not from society at large, but from the police.

Waiting is an interactive, traveling installation that creates a platform for public dialogue on police violence. The piece consists of twenty-eight pillars representing the twenty-eight African-American men killed in 2014 by police, and platforms for those who wish to stand with these men, or people they know as an expression of their concern. This traveling installation will be mounted in various communities around the Country. During the run of the installation, public dialogues will be facilitated at each site in partnership with local educational, community and government-based organizations, and paired with a website that will foster a national conversation.

Juan explains, “We must all use our skills and passions to create a broader forum for conversation and action. This project is important, relevant, and means so much to millions of Americans who care about the outcome of police violence against African-Americans, and Americans as a whole.”

Funding from the Pollination Project will be used for project expenses such as material costs.

To learn more about The Waiting Project, visit their Website and Facebook Page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: January 19, 2015