A group of women of Mollie's Movement

Joy VanLandschoot, Jake Tibbetts, & Live Now – Mollie’s Movement: Paying Kindness Forward

Mollie’s Movement: Paying Kindness Forward has a simple goal of sharing random acts of kindness across the nation and the world by utilizing the impact social media can make. The project is spearheaded by two individuals: Mollie Tibbetts’s brother, Jake Tibbetts, and Joy VanLandschoot, owner of Live Now, a printing company in Mollie’s hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa. Mollie was a young woman who went missing on July 18th, 2018, and was found deceased 5 long, heartbreaking weeks later. Mollie’s memory is carried on exactly like how she lived: as a kind person, loving everyone she met and always seeking to find and celebrate the good in other people. The Movement also assists in finding other missing persons by “share and prayer” through social media and promotional products.