Danielle Stull - Lots of Knots for Kindness

Jordan Creek Elementary – Lots of Knots for Kindness

Jordan Creek Elementary students in West Des Moines, Iowa are working together on a school-wide service project to make fleece blankets that will spread warmth and compassion throughout central Iowa. This project will serve children in the hospital, people experiencing grief and loss, animals in shelters, and people who need extra warmth and comfort during Iowa’s cold winter months. This project will meet the short-term goal of completing a project that instills the values of service and compassion in our students.

We will also be working toward the long-term goal of growing our students into empathetic leaders who change the world for the better by leading with compassion and a service mindset. We were inspired to start this project by our students’ desire to serve our community and find ways to show compassion to others. This grant will allow every student in our school as well as all of the teachers, staff, and administrators to work together on a project that will have a positive impact on our community.