Johanna Hoffman headshot in front of tree

Johanna Hoffman – Climate Stories

Climate Stories is an interactive community hub that cultivates grassroots support for climate adaptation planning. A multi-sensory exploration of what the world could be like in 200 years, the project serves as a collective space for processing concerns about our changing climate & creating more grassroots engagement in how we plan & prepare for our future. This work was created because climate change is the critical issue of our time yet proactive planning initiatives are sorely lacking. The phenomenon is so complex and many would rather deny that it’s happening at all . At present, only 41% of Americans think climate change will cause them harm. For those who accept that climate change is real & manmade, it’s still easy to despair. The problem is so big, it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s no wonder that the EPA rates 679 U.S. counties as highly vulnerable to climate change, yet only 280 have committed to the Paris Climate Agreement with active adaptation planning.

Over the next 2 years, Johanna and her team will complete the build out of our mobile version of Climate Stories & install it in 10 different US communities at-risk from climate impacts. During this time, they will grow our VR/AR capabilities so that they can offer immersive digital experiences of Climate Stories to people & communities unable able to engage with Climate Stories in person. In this way, they plan to scale the project’s impact & reach. The Pollination Project funds will be used to cover time, travel, food & community engagement work for Climate Stories operators to our first physical deployment site in Oakland, California.