Joanna Lin - Resonate

Joanna Lin – Resonate

Resonate is one of the first organizations of its kind dedicated to spreading music and passion to rural students. These young adults have very limited exposure to music, frequently having to travel for 1-2 hours to the nearest town for musical resources. Created by Joanna Lin, a high-school Midwestern musician, for young Midwestern musicians, Joanna learned about this little-known problem when speaking face-to-face with rural students on a summer trip.

Resonate combats this through musical masterclasses: inviting small chamber ensembles of college musicians to travel to a rural school, perform, explain their interpretation of music, and act as long-term mentors to the students for questions about music and college. This grant will allow for some of the very first masterclasses to take place, the first step in inspiring the next new generation of musicians and creators.