Jenny Lowrey, From The Ground Up Farms, Inc. Gardening and Educational Programs Project

Jenny Lowrey explains that nutritional education saved her life. At one point, she weighed 270 pounds and took 15 medications. She has survived seven heart attacks and a stroke. She is now 130 pounds and takes four heart medications. Although she can’t undo the damage to her heart, Jenny feels that through her non-profit, From the Ground Up Farms, Inc., she can save someone else from the same fate with her Gardening and Educational Programs project.

Living in Chico, California, Jenny realized that her community has a serious food security issue and she doesn’t believe healthy organic food should be a luxury that only the wealthy can afford.

“I’m starting community gardens on empty lots, beginning in our poorest neighborhoods, with residents of all ethnicities and backgrounds learning to garden. As a by-product, these gardens will bring neighborhoods together by building bridges between cultures as they work hand in hand feeding their families,” said Jenny.

The mission of the project is to reduce illness and improve the lives of Chico residents by educating them in nutrition, gardening, harvesting, cooking, preserving and even marketing their own healthy organic food. Jenny has gathered a group of local farmers, educators, artists, and activists who are dedicated to bridging the nutritional gap through community gardening.

To learn more about From The Ground Up Farms, Inc., Gardening and Educational Programs Project, visit their website, Twitter and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 23, 2014