the complexes that we have not yet started building the gardens on

Jean Klein – FEEDING the NEED

With the rising cost of regular produce, let alone organic, it is impossible for any low-income person to be able to afford to eat healthy. As a result, Jean Klein, founder and president of the non-profit organization FEED the NEED, works to feed and educate low-income families in Morris, Illinois, USA. Jean believes that by building raised gardens and using organic soil and seeds, they will be able to provide free vegetables and fruit to 72 low-income families in local complexes.

With the help of volunteers in their garden club, they will be able to maintain the gardens, and most importantly educate families on maintaining these gardens and healthy eating so that future generations will have the same opportunity to carry on the farm to table food mindset. As someone who was once low-income, Jean knows that this kind of work will empower individuals to become more involved for long-term change.