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Jason Maas, Student Artist Volunteer Experience

Prior to joining the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New York City in 2012, Jason Maas worked as a full-time artist in Brooklyn. His volunteer experiences with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts ultimately inspired him to make a difference through his training as an artist.

In 2013 Jason founded the Artist Volunteer Center (The AV Center) in New York City with the aim of coordinating community outreach efforts with local artists. The AV Center’s newest project, the Student Artist Volunteer Experience (SAVE), connects teens nominated by their art teachers from schools such as the Joan Mitchell Foundation, and other art education providers across the city with socially-conscious direct action initiatives through internships and volunteering opportunities.

In 2015, sixteen teen artists will be paired with organizations focusing on food justice and income inequality throughout the city. Aside from their volunteer efforts, students will attend weekly meetings to share their experiences, hear talks from activists, artists, and advocacy experts, and will engage in art projects that draw from their experience in the field.

Their efforts will culminate in a series of art shows and public workshops aimed at inspiring residents to rethink their relationship to the city, to food, and to income inequality, as well as inspiring them to use art as an advocacy tool.

For more information, please visit the AV Center’s website or Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 19, 2015

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