Jal Pari Kyon Dhari Abhiyan – Beyond Stupidity2017-11-06T00:49:43+00:00
Jal Pari Kyon Dhari Abhiyan - Beyond Stupidity

Jal Pari Kyon Dhari Abhiyan – Beyond Stupidity

Date grant awarded: 11/07/2017

Chetan Padliya and Ashutosh Nirvadyachaari are the co-founders of “Jal Pari Kyon Dhari?” (Why Have You Captured the Water Queen?), an initiative to raise awareness about the cruelty of aquariums. These dedicated ethical vegan activists educate and motivate the general public to abandon their aquariums and replace these live animals with realistic motorized fish. Their hope is by providing artificial aquatic animals and displaying these alternative structures in prominent public places this barbaric practice will be abandoned. Finally, the volunteers will focus on lobbying against the building of the largest aquarium in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India next year.

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