Jobelle, one of our youth from San Andres and Evelyn from Sydney playing a game of Capoeira at a "Roda" (Capoeira Circle) held at the San Andres Public Market.

Jaime Benedicto, Mestre Roxinho – Project Bantu Philippines

Project Bantu Philippines uses the Afro-Brazilian art of Capoeira Angola to educate and empower some of Manila’s most vulnerable young people. Due their dire circumstances, Filipino children must constantly fight for basic human needs like food, water, and safe shelter. This continual struggle combined with poor access to education, health care, and other important social services – as well as an abundance of drugs, alcohol, sex and violence in their communities – leads young people to develop undesirable, antisocial behaviors that can result in risky, potentially dangerous choices.

Through the music and movements of Capoeira Angola, Project Bantu helps these young people learn important life skills and develop key behavioral and social resources that will make them more successful in life.