Club President Jacob Garland during the start of the harvest.

Jacob Garland – Gardening and Blogging for a Better-Educated Future

Jacob Garland, 16, has for the past two years been striving to improve his school’s and community’s focus on environmental protection and conservation, primarily through the creation of his school’s environmental club and his own personal blog. Now, he hopes to continue his efforts by expanding his school’s community garden, creating educational campaigns about environmental issues, and leading a beautification project on campus to make caring for the environment a more prevalent cause in the minds of all students.

Additionally, he is working to expand the audience of his personal blog, WorkingtoSave, in order to reach and educate more people about prevalent environmental issues and solutions, and will be planning and attending the annual Empowered Young Environmentalist’s Summit in the hopes of both educating and learning from his young peers in the environmental field.