Jacob Cohen - The SASHA Initiative

Jacob Cohen & Alexandra Evans – The SASHA Initiative

The SASHA Initiative is a collective civil rights organization led by students to help fight sexual violence and sexual harassment that predominantly affects young people, and in particular youth of color, young women, young queer people, disabled youth, and young immigrants. SASHA, Students Against sexual harassment and assault, is run out of the Bay Area in Northern California. Jacob Cohen and Alexandra Evans are working with schools around the state to write an anti-sexual violence curriculum to be taught in public high schools that caters to the needs of young minority students, and to young people as a whole.

Their work is valuable in ensuring this movement stays intersectional and youth-friendly all while ensuring that young people’s voices be at the forefront of civil rights action today. Jacob and Alex were inspired by the survivors in their school communities who were so brave in sharing their stories-and they were appalled by the lack of protection young people and young minorities have especially when it comes to sexual violence. The grant will help them create upcoming galas, deliver trainings, develop a website, and help fund necessary pieces of ensuring the organization is self-sustaining and professional.