Isobel Araujo, Fiona McRaith and Simone Greblo, Message in a Bottle

Message in a BottleThe Message in a Bottle project began four years ago in Chicago, with three high school freshmen in Biology class. Isobel, Fiona and Simone were challenged to design an environmentally-focused project that would educate as well as directly benefit the community. After noticing the large amounts of plastic water bottles being used and thrown away by their peers, they decided to sell stainless steel, reusable water bottles in order to reduce plastic waste, with proceeds going to support the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Now this vision of Message in a Bottle is alive and thriving.  The team sells bottles at  school functions, farmer’s markets, and local independent grocers across the city of Chicago. They hope to sell 1,000 bottles this year, as well as build capacity to ensure the project continues after they graduate from high school.  Proceeds of bottle sales will be used to fund water quality test kits, beach cleanup equipment, and educational materials through the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Pollination Project funds will be used to enhance the promotion of Message in the Bottle, both online and through grassroots on-the-street advocacy work.