Ignacia Uribe and a cow - Plan V App

Ignacia Uribe – Plan V App – Vegetarianos Hoy

Plan V is a mobile app that helps people to reduce and/or eliminate animal products from their diets. Plan V App was designed by Ignacia Uribe, longtime activist and founder of Vegetarianos Hoy, a non-profit organization that promotes healthier eating habits to help people, animals and the environment.

Plan V App works as guide to respond to the thousands of people in Chile and other Spanish speaking countries, looking for a useful and simple tool that provides relevant information to carry out a lifestyle free of animal products. Plan V is the first mobile app in Spanish with vegan news and recipes, animal products replacement, FAQ, plant-based restaurant options and certified vegan products, all in one.

Today we live in a technological era, where young people don’t read webpages anymore and they prefer to have an app that helps them to follow a plant based lifestyle; we believe this is the best way to reach out to new generations. This grant will allow us to develop the free iOS version as well as make some improvements on the current design for Android.