I-Stem and XRCVC

I-Stem and XRCVC – Tech-Powered Inclusive Higher Education

India has over 26 million persons with disabilities in India, with 44.97% in the age group of birth to 29 years and thus in the school-going age. While there has been growing legal mandate in India for Inclusive Education through various legislations, access to equal and quality education and all streams of education remains a challenge. This challenge is even more acute at Higher Education and having recognized this need, I-Stem and XRCVC have come together to ideate and develop a concept that can harness technology to address this challenge.

I-Stem, Inclusive Stem, is an organization that is committed to empowering students with disabilities to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This is primarily done through technical training, hands-on events, awareness campaigns and technical research and development. XRCVC, Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged, is a department of St. Xavier’s College that works on advocacy and access for persons with disabilities through its diverse programs. STEM education access for blind and low vision persons is one of its key interest areas. I-Stem brings the technical expertise and personal student experience while XRCVC brings in the rich experience of delivering high quality inclusive education services at higher education for in-house students with a replicable and scalable model developed which can be delivered through the technology solution. The partnership thus promises to bring in the best from all stakeholders to create a solution that can be a game changer for the Inclusive education space.

Funds from TPP will help to create an online University Portal that can automate delivery of inclusive services at institutes of higher education.