Hussein Ali, Tarzan Mkomah

Hussein Ali, Tarzan Mkomah – Peace and Security

In Mombasa County, Kenya, the need of peace and security is vital due to the rise of criminal cases in the region. Peace and Security project is an initiative brought together by Hussein Ali and Tarzan Mkomah, both of whom are change agents and active members of Kenya Tanzania group – Kentaz – with the aim of reducing the rate of insecurity and promoting peace in the region. The group focuses on youth education, capacity building, and youth empowerment. There is need to ensure people in the region that it is possible to peacefully coexist and carry out economic activities without fear of insecurity, both among the locals and together with foreigners. Hussein and Tarzan were inspired by the need to bring back humanity and brotherhood to the communities residing in Mombasa. The grant from The Pollination Project will help them organize events, hire halls and public address system, purchase stationary, and cover for transport costs.