Adolescent girls and women discussing menstrual hygiene issues on Ugu Youth Radio station

Her Voice Group AGYW @ CRC South Africa – Supporting Menstrual Hygiene Rights of Poor Girls and Women

Supporting Menstrual Hygiene Rights of Poor Girls and Women is a project located on the southern and wild coast areas of South Africa. A number of committed young women including Zinhle, Nolwazi, Zoliswa, Andiswa, Nthando, and Ayanda provide their time and energy to achieve the projects goals – including providing reusable and biodegradable sanitary health products to poor out-of-school girls and unemployed women.

These clients are hard-pressed to afford top line, commercial profit-oriented products, which are necessary to guarantee their basic hygiene and dignity. These products are however unavoidable for most females, and many of our clients depend on others to provide these items. Reducing the cost is one way of ensuring that the products are affordable. Having experienced the hassles and sometimes exploitation faced by close friends when the need for these items arise, and following participation in advocacy activities of Coastal Resources Centre, this group of women have decided to seek support to provide these items at prices not targeted for profit.

The seed grant from The Pollination Project will enable them obtain the initial batch of products for distribution, hold a small induction for volunteers, and provide them with marketing items.