Happy Arnold

Happy Arnold, Paul Chirwa, Raisha Matemba – Rooting Out Infant Malnutrition With Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato

YAED will engage more women and youth in food and malnutrition security and sustainable agriculture as a wealth creation economic activity in Malawi. This pro-youth agriculture initiative is not currently available in Malawi and it still remains a sector with high potential but low investment in transforming the well being of infants, youth and women.
The organization understand that Women and Youth in Malawi are vulnerable to poverty and other challenges. Despite the significance of agriculture to the Malawian economy, the golden opportunity that lies behind it has not been fully embraced by the youth. They have limited access to skills of managing their own initiative. the project will equip women on the importance of regular consumption of nutritious foods made from orange freshed sweet potato and end malnutrition among children in Malawi.