Director and producer Elizabeth Bayne with cinematographer Victoria Stein previewing a shot

graybayne film/media – Shouting Into The Wind

Shouting Into The Wind is a short documentary about the rise and fall of the California WaterFix, the most expensive and disputed project in California’s history. Our documentary investigates the underlying politics behind the push for the project and the personal stories of the residents and environmentalists who spoke out against it. This film was inspired by the board meeting on September 26, 2017 in which the California WaterFix was heatedly debated by residents, environmentalists, labor unions and contractors, with each side giving equally impassioned testimonies.

Our short documentary will inspire audiences to become more civically engaged in the environmental issues impacting their own communities. The seed grant from the Pollination Project will allow us to coordinate interviews with residents, labor unions and politicians to begin documenting different perspectives on the issue.