Gihana Jackson

Gihana Jackson – Fields of Hope

People living with disabilities are considered vulnerable worldwide, however, children and people with disabilities from poor and distressed families are many more times vulnerable compared to others. Despite the fact of being with disabilities, they sometimes fail to get enough food for their daily survival, which leads to nutrition deficiency diseases. Coupled with the daily challenges of finding medical insurance and transport, those in Rwanda who are able to seek medical services cannot pay remainder of their medical costs that insurance does not cover. This raises the question, where is their hope in this world full of calamities, disasters, and poverty? Behind many of the world’s problems are answers, which led Gihana Jackson to the idea of Fields of Hope. A hope for those who are in need many more times than those who are needy!

Gihana is a nutritionist student at Catholic University of Rwanda and after currying out several surveys, she discovered how children and people with disabilities from poor and distress families are suffering with less or no help. With the support from The Pollination Project, I with my colleges are working hard to create a better world for these innocent souls by counseling, rehabilitating and supporting them to attain and live a healthy and happy life in their communities through our programs which include; counseling, agriculture, arts and craft, and agricultural and nutrition training.