Generation 2050 Project

Generation 2050 Project (Nicola Gothard) and Cats of Las Alpujarras (Katherine Napper – Kitten Rescue Tales Humane Education Book Drop in Spain

Date grant awarded: 01/13/2018

:start Non-profit humane education publisher Generation 2050 teamed up with Spanish cat charity Cats of Las Alpujarras and animal behaviourist Vicky Alhadeff to create a beautifully illustrated children’s book anthology titled ‘Kitten Rescue Tales’ featuring real-life kitten rescue stories and illustrated info-graphics on cat welfare to inspire a generation of educated and compassionate citizens who will take a responsible and empathetic attitude towards cat welfare, care and the problem of feral cats. The arrival of spring in Andalucia brings with it two things guaranteed; sunshine and kittens! Whilst many of us can think of nothing better than that, sadly the start of kitten season in Spain signals a period cruelty and suffering for many of the nation’s cats. The exact number of feral cats in Spain is unknown but they are a familiar site in any Spanish town. Thousands of unwanted cats are born in Andalucía every year, some are lucky enough to find refuge in the mountains but many suffer horrible lives filled with hunger, pain and cruelty. Humane education is vital to disrupt generational cruelty and address the empathy deficit in society. The world will not become a more humane and compassionate place without the guidance of dedicated educators. We have chosen to add to the growing body of humane education materials through the medium of stories because research shows that telling stories is better than presenting informational in a factual format to engage and inspire a lasting change in attitudes and behaviours. The Pollination Project has kindly awarded us a grant that will enable us to print hundreds of copies in Spanish which will then be donated to schools, animal rescue groups (including Cats of Las Alpujarras) and humane education programs in Spain. Even just donating one copy of the book to a school could potentially transform hundreds of attitudes and increase empathy and a sense of responsibility towards feral cats among Spanish children so this grant will go a long to helping transform attitudes in Spain towards animals. :end