G-Computer Systems & Telecommunication – Students Voice in Identifying Internships

The Kigezi region of Uganda, which includes the city of Kabale, is a beautiful blend of the three neighboring countries – Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. As a result of Kabale’s location, local institutions welcome students from both within the city and abroad and recently students studying Information Technology have been challenged with finding internships.

G-Computer Systems & Telecommunication is a center located in Kabale, Southwestern Uganda that affords students opportunities to apply academic learning to practical experiences and components of many academic programs. One of the new programs coming from the center includes, Students Voice in Identifying Internships, as those operating the center know that internships and field based education provide many advantages as they introduce students to the world of work and necessary skills to succeed in their future careers.

A grant from The Pollination Project will help provide free services to students, including training in website development, database management, internet networking, computer security, computer servicing, and hardware and software management.