Fundación Casa Culutral La Chispa

Fundación Casa Culutral La Chispa – Movimiento y Meditación en Medellín

Based in Medellín, Colombia, La Chispa Cultural Center and its café, El Arrebato are community spaces committed to peace as well as political, social and environmental justice. La Chispa and El Arrebato accompany the local community through the creation, design and implementation of alternative education programs, providing a safe space for creation, transformation, peace and reconciliation through debate, historical memory, artistic and cultural activities.

Movimiento y Meditación en Medellín is a project working to create optimal conditions in our body movement and meditation studio. The work addresses various social, political and environmental justice issues, and this particular grant will help in establishing the space. This space helps people work through difficult issues corporally, teaches new skills and helps the community reflect to be able to transform. War causes communal trauma, and part of this programming is focused on healing. Health and wellness are a part of the culture that we need to promote and applaud. The cultural center provides safe spaces to learn, heal and grow and is creating community in our neighborhood by providing a place for art, education and activism.