a youth farmer ,Leonard shitabule in his sting nettle farm in Namberekeya village .

Francis Manguya – Stinging Nettle Majic Project – SNMP

Stinging Nettle Majic Project – SNMP – project in Western Kenya engages local farmers to establish stinging nettle plantations on poor soils with low soil fertility and non-arable steep slopes, where farming rarely takes place. Stinging nettles produces a sustainable clothing through dying. Coupled with its medicinal and fungicide purposes and small scale farmers are also afforded opportunities to boost their environment and income.

In addition, stinging nettle contributes to environmental conservation, which is something that inspires individuals. Furthermore, it covers crops that prevent soil erosion, water run offs, and conserves biodiversity through offering homes for certain animals and insects species. A grant from The Pollination Project will enable me have the needed resources to propel my project work in the next level .