two girls at a computer lesson

Fonyuy Videc Leinyuy and Eldad Gaih – After School Code Club

Most schools in Cameroon do not equip their students with IT and coding skills, thus the digital gap among young people continues to increase. With the 21st century growth in digital technologies, which brings a rise to new employment opportunities, it is unquestionably evident that workers with information technology (IT) skills will be in high demand for the future job market and learning to code will be one of the most important job skill of the future. After School Code Club is an initiative of GirlsTEK Global, lead by cofounder Fonyuy Videc Leinyuy, Eldad Gaih and company. This project is designed for young boys and girls to discover, learn, build, and code in a fun and supportive environment. The Clubs activities merge technology and entrepreneurship projects to spark the imagination of each student, endowing them with the creative confidence and zeal to pursue STEM fields when they make it to university. Our training will give young boys and girls hands on experience in computer manipulation, coding, and entrepreneurship.

Fonyuy is inspired by the numerous youths, especially girls in her nation, with limited knowledge and low application of technology. Her desire to see more of them in tech influences her work. The grant from The Pollination Project will catapult the transformation of this idea to a realization, as it will finance the requirements needed to kick start this project.