Foncham Linda Konnant and a group of women

Foncham Linda Konnant and Ramata Ramani – Eco Sustainable Gardens Project Empowering Mbororo Women

Date grant awarded: May 24, 2019

Eco Sustainable Gardens Project Empowering Mbororo Women takes place in the northwest region of Cameroon. The project team is made of three individuals, a senior agricultural technician, a marketer, and a communication expert. The project now cultivates two classes of traditional crops – foleri, karikacee, and lalo – of the Mbororo people and nutritional crops – garden egg, huckleberry, waterleaf, sweet bitter leaf, egg plant, okra, Chinese cabbage and more – aimed at boosting their level of nutrient intake. The project is needed in that it reduces hunger and malnutrition in communities, reduces the rate of over dependency of the Mbororo women on their husbands, and empowers the women.

This project is of utmost importance as it goes a long way to increase food production and consumption by the community and country at large. The zeal to share the knowledge I acquired during my training in the technical school of agriculture serves a great source of inspiration, along with the desire to impact communities and increase food supply.

The grant fund will permit us to purchase more inputs, maintain the already existing gardens, increase the number of gardens, and expand into new communities thereby increasing the number of beneficiaries.