Fari Africa Slum 2 School – Fari Africa Slum 2 School

Reading is a fundamental skill for all learning, as it allows children to maximize STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, education. Ogheneruona Onothoja and his team, Oyeyemi Marvellous Grace, Agwu Victor and Esther, are committed to grooming an independent reading culture in children of economically challenged settings, and supporting their primary/secondary education financial needs. His vision is to shape the mind of the children beyond their immediate environment; opening the doors to economic opportunities and lifelong learning.

Thus the Fari Africa Slum to School was born, a project promoting education for sustainable development. Receiving a grant from The Pollination Project will enable them to register as an NGO with the Nigerian Government and to scale their work to Northern Nigeria – the region in West Africa with the highest number of out of school children. Together they want to support vulnerable children who have suffered educational setback because of the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency.