Faith Ogechi Osuji working at the computer

Faith Ogechi Osuji – Female Graphic Hub

Female Graphic Hub is an ICT-driven initiative aimed at creating space for young women in the digital media and graphic industry. In Nigeria, men dominate the graphic design space and there is a general notion that women do not have the creativity to do graphics for companies or organizations. This project changes that as passionate young women will be equipped with the skills to create quality graphic materials and ultimately stand better chances of securing employment in Abuja, Nigeria.

Growing up as a girl, Miss Ogechi was interested in doing things that society believed were meant for men. She desired to change the status quo and be an example to her fellow girls that they can pursue the technical works predominantly done by men. She felt challenged each time young women showed little interest in ICT , as “men are better in the ICT sector.” She has always believed that a career in ICT is not a function of gender but one of passion and commitment. After graduating from the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Imo State University, she decided to enroll for an IT mentorship program with the aim to be among the leading females in the ICT sector, specifically in graphics, corporate branding, and training of women, among others.

She believes there’s no limit to what anyone can achieve and in a constantly changing environment, having a life skill such as this is an essential part of coping with the increasing pace in technology transformation globally.