Erin Pendexter Stone

Erin Pendexter Stone, NursingWise

Date grant awarded: 4/2/2017

Erin Pendexter Stone is a registered nurse caring for Maine’s chronically ill population with a vision to create a culture where talking about dying is a shared value. End of life care for many of our frail citizens with chronic illnesses becomes hospitalization after hospitalization, going through painful often unnecessary procedures, receiving treatment that is either unwanted or ineffective, taking mind altering medications, falling, acquiring infections, and ultimately dying in a strange environment despite it all. Too often, families are placed in the impossible situation of guessing what their loved ones would want. Nurses are uniquely positioned to engage people in end of life planning and implementation.

NursingWise, will be a small nursing led non-profit providing advanced care planning sessions in public venues including libraries, bingo halls, churches, doctors’ offices, senior centers and wherever nurses are or could be deployed to facilitate open, honest, end of life discussions and provide assistance in completing advance care planning documents. Research shows that individuals who talk about dying often choose less aggressive care, suffer fewer symptoms and actually live longer. NursingWise is dedicated to improving end of life care through enhanced communication.