Erika Leaf - Justice Pack

Erika Leaf – Justice Pack – Postcards With Social, Racial And Environmental Justice Related Images And Quotes

Date grant awarded: 09/15/2017

The Collective Vision postcard project was created as a way to empower ordinary Americans to take political action and speak out about the things they care about. Making kitchen table activism easy!

Our first offering was the Democracy Pack, a set of 20 postcards with images from the Women’s March. The pack included important tips on how to write effective postcards to elected officials and how to know what to write about.

Collective Vision is in the process of creating a new set of postcards that will combine powerful quotes about racial and social justice with artwork and photography by and about the communities most impacted by injustices. Artists are often asked to donate their work, but we believe that visionary social justice art should be considered a valuable contribution to society and to movements. The Pollination Project’s support will enable us to more fully manifest that belief and offer more generous stipends to artists whose work is chosen for publication. To submit ideas or imagery envisioning the world we want to live in, go to