Teonna Thompson - Envision Mentoring Program for Youth

Envision Mentoring Program for Youth – Envision Mentoring Program

Date grant awarded: September 11, 2018

The ENVISION mentoring program was founded as a Nonprofit mentoring program for at-risk youth in 2020. The founder, Teonna Thompson has always had a vision and a passion to help and guide at-risk youth to be successful in life. Growing up, Teonna had many peers who had all the potential to be successful, but lacked a mentor that guided them in the right direction. She saw the need for a mentoring program to provide the necessary tools for at-risk youth to become future successful leaders.

ENVISION encourages children to envision better life opportunities for themselves through academic achievement, good decision-making skills, and by building life skills. ENVISION is a community and educational base where children will contribute to their communities and learn the importance of education through fun activities and workshops. Furthermore, the ENVISION mentoring program’s goals include bridging the school to prison gap by implementing an educational foundation in its curriculum and encouraging R.E.C.S. (Reading Comprehension, Economics, Culture/Communication/Community Involvement, and STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).