Environment and Food Foundation, E2F – Biodiversity Conservation in Lake Ossa, Cameroon

Biodiversity Conservation in Lake Ossa, Cameroon is a project aiming to build the capacity of indigenous farmers and conserving the lake and its surroundings. Due to human induced activities, such as deforestation, Lake Ossa is highly polluted. During the project the farmers will benefit from environmental education lectures and participate in the planting of native trees along the lake to help hold soil in place and reduce erosion and runoff. The lake serves as a habitat for a myriad of wildlife, including the African manatee, the most charismatic species of the lake, freshwater turtles, crocodiles, monitor lizards, snakes, and many aquatic birds.

The lake is also an important habitat of over 18 families of fish, dominated by Cichlidae and Mormyridae. The lake is the main source of livelihoods to the indigenous people. Through this project the farmers will have access to environmental education leading to lake and biodiversity conservation.