Emmerance NYANZIRA

Emmerance Nyanzira – Strive for Against Malnutrition Project

The Strive for Against Malnutrition Project (SAMP) addresses the problem of malnutrition in poor households headed by low-income parents and elders in Kamonyi, Rwanda. The founder, Emerance Nyanzira, started this project in response to high levels of child malnutrition in her community. The biggest challenge is finding the financial means to cover the cost of vegetable and fruit seeds to plant, so Emmerance has set up a community garden consisting of vegetables and fruits and has made the land available for her community.

She delivers fresh and high quality vegetables and fruit to low income families, and also trains them on completing healthy and nutritious meals consisting of essential nutrients that fight against malnutrition in children ranging from six months to twelve years of age.