One of our volunteer, Yadi, listening to a reading session

Emeka Ulor – Read to Lead Club

In my family compound, there is a daily gathering for fellowship at 7:30pm daily. Children are asked to take turns to read passages aloud while an adult explains the teachings. I discovered that one child was doing this for a longer period. After making enquiries, I discovered that other children were not reading fluently, so I decided to help them improve their reading skills by encouraging group reading in our garden.

Most children in rural areas like ours do not have access to libraries nor have reading clubs. They have challenges in regard to reading and writing when compared with children in urban centres. Read to Lead Club is bridging this gap. We want children in our community to develop good reading and writing skills in order to excel in life. This is the first in our community and we are excited to see this initiative move to the next level.

The grant from The Pollination Project is quite crucial as it will enable us provide shelves for the mini library, display equipment, suitable sitting, and conducive atmosphere for the children to improve their communication skills.